In 2011 they were on the hunt for an ebike that could take to the mountains; Something powerful and light, that could handle trails like any other.

What they found was a sea of compromise; powerful but heavy, motors that add weight in the wrong places, frames that don’t make sense, the list goes on… It didn’t take long to realise that they could crack the problem themselves, so they assembled a team: A mad scientist, a biking maniac, and a mathemagician.


The goal: to create an electric bike motor that meets all the needs and every specification of a the true mountain biking athlete. They worked on it night and day for years. Then one day the time was right – January of 2015 – a company and began work on the production prototypes. Paradox Kinetics was born.

A powerful yet easy to ride motor. Ideal for all skill levels. 1500W power output gives you a thrilling off-road experience you never thought possible.

After some meetings and brainstorming with the people in Paradox Kinetics…

we decided to go with motion graphics typography to present some of the specifications of the new motor, called Hermes. We had a great time testing and filming these incredible electronic motors for mtb riders. Big thanks to Ioannis Marinos for the amazing location scouting and trail guiding in Kalavrita, Greece. For more information visit