A little bit about me

Hi there! My name is Vangelis Berikopoulos also known as DJ VBer. Born and raised in Athens, I’m currently based in Nicosia – Cyprus. I work as a freelance graphic designer, VJ (video jockey), film maker, editor and also as a DJ who loves collecting and mixing vinyls. I started out as a graphic designer working in printing publishing houses, creative studios magazines & newspapers. As I moved forward in my career I had a desire to broaden my horizons expanding my knowledge and skills from still image, photography, to motion graphics, animation, filming, video editing and mixing visuals with Modul8/Madmapper.

Dazzlerbit is my personal website where you can scroll through and have a look at what I create. I combine art and technology to communicate your ideas. I work with a variety of communication tools in order to convey a message from a client to a particular audience. I strongly believe that each design begins with insight. A perceptive understanding of your organization and your vision for the future. From a business card design to a wedding video trailer, highlighting your precious moments, visuals are designed to stimulate and captivate the attention of your audience.

Why I love what I do

From an early age I was drawn to anything and everything that stimulated my senses, especially my vision. I’m very passionate about creating something from scratch or updating something old. I enjoy my work and all that it involves. Communicating and sharing ideas with a client on what their vision is on a particular project motivates me to deliver the best outcome. Combining colors, images and typography depending on the project that I’m working on sparks off my creativity and love for designing. Every project is different and unique and this is what inspires me to go a step further each time I take up a new project. My latest love is filming and editing, it’s been more than five years that I have been hooked on creating videos that will last in time. From documentation events & weddings to music videos or teasers I really enjoy every second of the project, from the moment I pack my lenses till the time I deliver the final edit.

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